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The Vine School strives to maintain the appropriate environment in which to create a functional learning experience for children with moderate to high functioning Autism. Parents are invited to make an appointment to visit the school and observe the classroom so they will be able to make an informed decision on whether or not The Vine School is an appropriate placement for their child.

An initial screening is then conducted to determine each child's eligibility for admission including:

  1. Review of formal diagnosis from a developmental pediatrician or diagnostician

  2. Informal evaluation of the child through observation at home and school setting

  3. Parent interview

  4. Review detailed application information

  5. Review of relevant developmental history. Every child who is admitted must have a completed medical examination including detailed pediatric evaluations as well as hearing assessments and other related tests.

To submit questions regarding admissions, please click here.

No child deemed by The Vine School administration to be a serious safety threat to themselves, or others, shall be enrolled. Please read your enrollment application carefully. We consider the enrollment and re-enrollment agreements legal and binding.

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