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Program Description

The Branching Out Program is a day program for youth/young adults with Intellectual Differences. The program provides pre-vocational skills and partners with organizations and businesses in our community. This helps our members have a purpose and feel a sense of belonging as they transition into adulthood. Daily living and self-help skills, social skills, friendship building, health and wellness practices, as well as leisure and recreational activities give our members beneficial life skills in a safe place in order to grow every day. Branching Out also provides job coaches for its members for additional assistance if needed.

Job Coaches

Many individuals on the autism spectrum or with an intellectual disability may benefit from a job coach at work. Our aim in the Branching Out Program at The Vine School, is to help you understand exactly what a job coach is.

What is a job coach?

  • A common workplace accommodation designed to support an employee to work to their full potential.

  • Customized, providing support that is unique to the needs of the employee and the workplace.

  • Unintrusive, providing support that allows the employee to start and finish work tasks as independently as possible.

  • A job coach provides customized and flexible support to the employee in two ways: learning the tasks and responsibilities of the job; and learning and navigating the social and behavioral aspects of the workplace.

Why might a member need a job coach?

  • Some employees with unique challenges may take longer to learn, or learn in different ways. They may communicate and process information in different ways as well.

  • Some employees need extra support to be effective and independent in their role. Support may be included in: learning necessary skills for the job and/or learning the nuances of the social aspect of the work environment.

**Typically, job coaching support decreases over time as the employee learns the job.

A Job Coach is not:

  • Among other things; Someone who does the employee’s job. Instead, they provide the employee with support and tools so the employee can learn and excel at the job on their own.

**If you are a business looking for more information on how a job coach will affect your environment please contact Jackie Condra at 


Our members assist partner businesses with a variety of jobs such as labeling and packaging products, cleaning facilities, watering plants and picking up trash. The activities will depend upon the business.


Our routine includes daily fitness, cleaning, cooking and laundry - all of which improve our members' life skills and independence.


Our members participate in various volunteer opportunities with organizations that include: Meals on Wheels, Dorothy O'Connor Pet Adoption Center, and The Food Bank of The Golden Crescent.


Our members frequently participate in fun and engaging community activities such as visits to the grocery store, parks, restaurants, movie theaters, the public library and other local


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