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Purpose and Aim

The Branching Out Program is a day program for youth/young adults with Intellectual Differences. The program provides pre-vocational skills and partners with organizations and businesses in our community. This helps our members have a purpose and feel a sense of belonging as they transition into adulthood. Daily living and self-help skills, social skills, friendship building, health and wellness practices, as well as leisure and recreational activities give our members beneficial life skills in a safe place in order to grow every day. 


Our mission at The Branching Out Program at The Vine School is to provide meaningful and purposeful daily activities and interactions within the community setting for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities while promoting awareness and acceptance.


  • Practice daily living, self-help and pre-vocational skills

  • Instill appropriate health and wellness practices

  • Provide leisure/recreational activities to compliment the individual interests and needs of every member

  • Provide a safe and nurturing setting to build peer relationships and social skills

  • Partner with community organizations and employers to provide opportunities for our members to develop a sense of belonging and purpose

No child deemed by The Vine School administration to be a serious safety threat to themselves, or others, shall be enrolled. Please read your enrollment application carefully. We consider the enrollment and re-enrollment agreements legal and binding.

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