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Purpose and Aim

To provide multisensory based instruction in all core subjects, supported by Orton-Gillingham methodology

To understand & develop each student’s unique learning style

To build academic skills and increase confidence

To learn in small group settings; small student to teacher ratio

To develop individualized language-based instruction implemented by Speech-Language Pathologists and highly trained staff

We are committed to the following aims:

  1. Providing a safe and nurturing environment with values for our students to learn meaningful social interactions

  2. Small teacher to student rations

  3. Individualized education plans for each student

  4. Providing community education and public awareness about Autism and related disorders

  5. Maintain affordability so that new students, teachers and aides can be attracted and retained

No child deemed by The Vine School administration to be a serious safety threat to themselves, or others, shall be enrolled. Please read your enrollment application carefully. We consider the enrollment and re-enrollment agreements legal and binding.

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